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inGO Flee

At inGO Electric, we believe that faster, safe and affordable electric scooters are the way forward. As the years have passed, we now see that a major part of our day is lost to traffic and our micro-mobility solution will help you travel anywhere, at any time.

After carefully designing our vehicles and testing the possibilities of new age commuting, our clientele has received our vehicles well. Whether it’s the demand to carry over 150 kilograms to quickly transport items for factories, hotels, apartments and airports, we’ve juggled many a hand to match affordability, design and worked tirelessly to keep our customer at the forefront.

With not one but several options of electric scooter prices to choose from, we give you an unmatched experience. Drop by and check out the inGO Mini inGO Flee and inGO Flee Premium among the many others that are just around the corner. Our scooters are designed for different situations so that you enjoy the ride and in comfort.

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Product Features

If you haven’t already test ridden our electric scooters in India then come on over! You can choose to pull out a seat and choose to stand while you ride or try our three wheel best in category electric scooter for an enhanced ride. Worried about where you left your key? Our inbuilt GPS feature will help you locate your e-scooter with your mobile phone. Our remote control enabling routes are a treat, come discover the power of the best electric scooters in India!

Well how about that, if you forgot to charge your scooter, swap your batteries and speed away. Our Made in India battery swap feature ensures that your battery is charged in under 3 hours 40 minutes with 6Amps charger.

Based on our reviews, we took it one step further and the current range of inGO electric scooters have a payload capacity of over 150 kilograms. Logistic fleets have a power house of an electric scooter made in India that delivers with every single time. Our electric scooters are equipped with Tubeless tyres, High-life 110mm Brake systems, and OEM parts in all Cables and Brake systems.

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How are we changing mobility in India?

  • With the rapid pace of mobility, it has now become the hotspot for policy makers around the globe. The demand for mobility is increasing in India and being the most populous nation, we are projected to increase by 38% from 31% in urban areas by 2026.

Over 35 cities in India are bursting at the seams with populations crossing 1 million, the need for first mile and last mile connectivity is the need of the hour. We are a new age start up that looks to factor in on helping you travel seamlessly. More than 10 cities in India have a population of over 2 million and successive governments are working towards the goal of mass transit systems. Imagine travelling in style to and from the house to the office, only to take the metro for the longest parts of your commute and break free from all that traffic.

Recently, Deloitte’s Global Automotive Consumer Study 2023 showcased four major indicators on the need for a dramatic shift in mobile transportation. This includes;

  • A quicker shift in transportation mobility. Are some markets adopting faster than others?
  • The underlying benefit of EVs over the vehicle inventory crisis.
  • Dealers and OEMs have built an enhanced trust with their customers.
  • Challenges of subscriptions of connected vehicles looms large but this could change based on customer preferences.

Think Electric, think inGO!

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Why go electric? — India #GOelectric

In all fairness, we need to rethink how we go from point A to B. With electric scooters, the thrill of the ride is hardly diminished and look at the many benefits that you stand to gain.

This includes reduced costs, noise pollution, improved supply chains and running costs that ultimately drive the country forward and improve our quality of life. Additionally, the Government of India (GoI) is aggressively moving towards the goal of adoption of electrification of vehicles by 2030. Here are some of the goals for electric vehicle adoption in India:

  1. Increasing non-fossil energy capacity to 500 gigawatts by 2030.
  2. Providing 50% of India’s overall energy needs through renewable energy.
  3. Reducing carbon emissions by 1 Billion tonnes by 2030.
  4. Reducing carbon intensity by 45% by 2030.
  5. Achieving net zero by 2070.

The future is key to mobility and we continue to persevere towards achieving these goals with our every endeavour.

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What is the future of electric vehicles in India?

With the increase in the level of air pollution, it has been a cause of concern for governments across the world. Today,more than 25 Indian cities are among the 100 most polluted cities in the world.

Air pollution has been on the rise in cities across India. The transport sector is contributing to it significantly, these emissions need to be minimised with the help of electric vehicles. It is important that the Indian government is keen to promote green and clean mobility.

With over ₹10,000 crores for Phase 2 of the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, or the FAME 2 scheme has boosted the production and increased the number of electric vehicles in the commercial fleets. Additionally, the government is looking to encourage the use of electric vehicles and the purpose behind it is easy identification through benefits like preferential treatment for parking and similar benefits.

Interesting statistics in the world of EV in India

  • Total electric vehicles sold in India (2019–2020) — 2 Lakhs
  • Fuel saved using EVs — more than 107 Lakhs
  • Carbon dioxide reduction in Kilograms — ₹2 crores
  • Investments made in Indian EV startups in 2019 — ₹3000 crores

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Our inGO Electric Solutions

Need an electric scooter? We’ve got you covered! Our suite of electric scooters are ready to help you for industries across the spectrum.

How about 50 trips of 2 kilometres per day? Your airport personnel will fall in love with these electric scooters built to last and carry heavy payloads. Now you have the capability of travelling to and from buildings surrounding the airport with a radius of 3 kms from the Terminal.

inGO Flee for Airports

➔ 50 x 2 kms
➔ more than 3 kms radius of the airport
➔ Over 35% increase in efficiency
➔ Over 60% reduction in commute time
➔ 0.7 kilometres is the average distance airport personnel walk
➔ 25 trips per day of over 20 kilograms of food and small luggage over gasoline powered minivans

inGO Flee for Work and Play

< 15 minutes for effective security patrol

< 10 mins for response time per maintenance call

< 5 minutes for lightning fast emergency and distress calls response in campuses

< 45 minutes for electric and plumber maintenance calls

< 25 minutes for emergency response calls in large campuses

With the inGO Mini — Smart e-Scooter, you can:

  • inGO E-scooter with seat and swapping battery
  • Proprietary IoT platform
  • Personnel monitoring and tracking
  • Process audit report generation for submission to RWA authorities

inGO Flee for Recreation

  • Golf Travel over 8 kilometres with ease for an 18 hole game with space to carry your bags and clubs.
  • Resorts usually need buggies with service staff, now you can e-bike instead.
  • Tourists can now inGO for over 10 kilometres.

inGO Flee for Industries

Efficient day to day operations by solving for 31% of all industries and shop floors that do not have motorised carts.

63k injuries occur with forklift accidents, 57% of industrial floors are overcrowded and 95% have non-motorised commute options for supervisors.

inGO Flee on Rent

Start ride sharing inGO Flee from ₹6 lakhs with a unique customer app tailored just for you!

Begin your journey with our Hub 2 Rental Model.

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Road Safety Awareness

Riding on Indian roads and road safety awareness work hand in glove. Introduced by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and observed in 1989, Road Safety Awareness aims to raise awareness about traffic rules and the policy was subsequently rolled out in 2010. Whether its non-government organisation, private firms or charitable organisations across the country, we have worked tirelessly for road safety measurements.

The theme for 2023 is Sadak Suraksha Raksha to bring about awareness about traffic rules and compliance to keep motorists and their near and dear ones safe. To bring about change and further sensitization, competitions were held, discussions with senior officers were planned in Delhi and special drives, road engineering initiatives, and checkup camps were the focus across the length and breadth of the nation.

There is a massive network of over 62 lakh kilometres of road and this is the bloodline of over 90% of all passenger traffic. In the years to come injuries and accidents should reduce significantly with the pace of infrastructural developments.

The ministry looks to address these road accidents through a strategy to bring about safety through education, emergency care and regulation. There are further guidelines to improve transparency, guidelines and citizen participation. With the help of technology, several intermediaries have been removed and driving training institutes have been taking shape.

There is now an Integrated Road Accident Database or iRAD to analyse road accidents data and enhance infrastructure to meet the demands of road safety across the country.

Let’s pledge to ride safely with helmets and routine maintenance checks to ensure that the future is electric and seamless.

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Electric vs Petrol Scooter Cost — Electric Scooter in India

Let’s put two and two together and do a fair comparison of an electric and petrol scooter.

What’s the cost involved?

As compared to vehicles that run on fuel, the cost is comparable and competitive despite the number of incentives. This covers over 40% of the two-wheeler’s cost and this has resulted in a large number of customers switching to electric scooters.

Cost of Charging vs Refuelling

If you had to look into the mileage of the electric scooters in India, it is generally 15% cheaper than its petrol variant. This makes it more economical and a more viable option in the long run. While petrol scooters on average deliver around 50 to 60 kms per litre. This averages at Rs 2.5 per kilometre, the same is Rs.0.25 per kilometre for its electric counterpart.

Cost of Maintenance

Since electric scooters have fewer moving parts, the maintenance cost is relatively low compared to its petrol rivals. You would have to charge the battery at regular intervals but there is hardly any maintenance involved for this as well in electric scooters. Additionally, petrol scooters need to be serviced from time to time and it can be expensive based on the availability and cost of parts that are imperative to run the vehicle.

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Advantages and Benefits of Electric Scooters

Would you buy an electric scooter? We know you would love to come and give it a spin!

Let’s make riding fun again and with our clean mobility solution, you would love to go the distance.

Here’s the list of benefits of riding an electric scooter in India:

  • No need for permits or a licence
  • Safe, convenient, and easy to use
  • Easy repair and maintenance
  • Light and portable
  • Can skip traffic jams
  • Less noise pollution
  • Low operating costs
  • Eco-friendly and clean mobility
  • Perfect for short distances

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First and Last Mile Mobility

Electric scooters of today have been hailed as the best mode for first and last mile connectivity. A recent study from Germany recommends that smaller daily trips in urban cities are highly reliable for the masses. In addition, Sanders, R.L., et al. suggests that customers view e-scooters as the mobility solution and an alternative to walking to college or work based on its reliability, convenience and speed.

With further improvements the cost per kilometre will continue to dip year on year and this will be beneficial for all sections of society. Electric scooter prices are attractive and with a little bit of practice you can ride your bike for kilometres on end and wear a smile that spreads from ear to ear!

We have an option of renting a scooter wherein your payments go towards the cost of owning the e-scooter. Additionally, you can buy a scooter outright and enjoy the capabilities that fuel based scooters could not venture into. Imagine being able to gently tow an SUV or light enough to zip around town! We’re light years in making your mobility solutions closer to reality.

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Our way of life at inGO Electric

inGO Electric is more than just work, we do everything to ensure that the customer comes first every single time and we mean it.

When we work on technology and engineering, our passion drives us to understand customer pain points, make bold decisions and deliver. We’re there for you, always.

While at work, we manage to squeeze in a few laughs and love to know what’s new in the world of tech. A new office smartphone or a brand new laptop will keep us talking for hours. We believe that time and again, we need to take a step back, find a barista nearby and talk about happenings in our beloved Bangalore. But, when it comes to work, we’re there for you every step of the way.

Join us in making the future electric!

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